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Sichuan Tourism Strategy

"King, control, communications," mobile phones have no place to hide defective area

Published: November 2, 2010

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Jiuzhaigou scenic spot in the lead in the implementation of grid management

Reporter from the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area Administration was informed that the Jiuzhaigou scenic intelligent management and service platform was on October 29 formally confirmed by the state, Jiuzhaigou, which became the first implementation of grid management area.

Jiuzhaigou Scenic intelligent management and service platform is the use of fine mesh of the unit management approach, combined with imaging techniques can measure the real, scenic and meticulous management and recycling processes. Terminal through the system, managers can monitor the entire area of the scenic spots of the basic information, including instant messaging and other unexpected events, so a timely manner.

In this system, the system terminal - "King, control, communications" mobile phone applications is a major innovation. Front-line staff in the scenic area found problems, such as plank road damage, can, through "King, control, communications," after a cell phone camera, reporting to the area's command center, command center issued by the appropriate functions. The functions are finished, then the results sent to find the problem employee, told him to check processing. According to reports, "King, control, communications," phone a total of 100 units, the area is divided into individual grid, the grid so that each person has to manage, through the grid to achieve effective management. Currently a project has been put into use 50. Source: Sichuan Daily

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