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Sichuan Tourism Strategy

Flood performance of real torture, the protection of cultural tourism and cultural attractions of non-performing

Published: November 3, 2010

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At present, the live performance a number of outdoor performances only, from the show local life and culture far away. Photo journalist Yin Yafei long lasting bonds of culture and tourism of the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the Longmen Grottoes, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, the National Palace and other historical and cultural depth of the place, people have also much sought after tourist destination. First China International Cultural Tourism Festival October 23, held in Zhangjiajie, cultural tourism has once again become the topic of the parties concerned.
Between heritage conservation and tourism have become increasingly prominent, "If you read the eight caves, he will fight to see dozens of caves," Wong Kar Dunhuang experts often say that they always faced with this year's visitors. In addition, the instructors talk about the caves and murals in the Buddhist story about a talk that is tens of minutes or even an hour, the scene made him feel sad because as a World Cultural Heritage Mogao Caves mural, is facing a severe protection issues. When visitors visit the caves in exhaled carbon dioxide, water vapor, is accelerating the loss of Dunhuang murals. Japan's situation is different. Chang Chia-huang ten years ago when he was studying in Japan, there are times and students go to a Japanese temple, visitors to kneel on the ground, paper covered the nose to see, not allowed to speak. "Although only five hundred years goes on murals, as compared with the thousands of years of Dunhuang, but the attitude towards cultural heritage is worth learning." Chang Chia-huang in the desert of Dunhuang Grottoes in the digging of the modern, that is, tourists in order to minimize stay within the original time of the Mogao Grottoes.
As tourism has become an indispensable element in people's lives, cultural heritage protection and tourism have also demonstrated the contradiction between the increasingly prominent. Fragile cultural heritage of the Mogao Grottoes of such development as a tourist attraction, which is often opposed by Jia Huang. But some experts said, to be protected not just the reality. Because it is "common heritage of mankind", known as psychological a visit to spend a large amount of Chinese tourists since the cost to Dunhuang, if not able to look at a few caves is not allowed. Dunhuang murals and cause damage not only because the breathing, but also with the whole atmosphere change.
Extended travel content as the key to this reason conflict resolution, extended travel content and foster the people's awareness of heritage protection as the key to solving the problem. Chang Jia Huang said, imagine two people in Dunhuang had a very full three days, in addition to murals, but also to experience the Gobi desert, the ancient painter's living conditions and the unique desert stars, I believe that people stay in the caves in time will be significantly reduced.
Peking University, Dean of the School of Architecture and Landscape Design Yu Kongjian that "we not only talk about cultural tourism, but also about cultural tourism, that is what visitors to the attitude and approach to tourism." Increasingly urgent as the protection of cultural heritage, visitors more than anyone else to see that the lower grotto popular tourist culture, we need to abandon.

Most tourists to the Dunhuang caves to look at a few more, but in cultural protection awareness is still very weak. Guo Jia performance of real photo spread of torture and cultural responsibility to protect the contents of the Dunhuang expansion of cultural tourism practices also apply to other scenic spots. The last people to Songshan Shaolin Temple mountain with visits, day trips basically can handle that. Until a large-scale live performance in 2006, "Zen Shaolin's ceremony," After staying the night to attend the show as part of the new choice of tourists, Songshan travel time is extended by the previous day. Increase tourism and cultural connotation, and "Impression", "Impression Lijiang", "possession of fans" and a number of large-scale live performance, original song and dance performances. Weixiao An expert on this tour, said, "live performance in China not only fostering a market, but also cultivate a new cultural tourism model."
It is estimated that nationwide more than 80 in the staged musical of the same type. The proliferation of large-scale real show began when the occasion of convergence can also guarantee that the content of the performance of local cultural content to the original intention? Performance of real founder of China's Shuai Yuan Mei this assessment is that "China is not much real live performance, there are many, but in fact it is an outdoor production units." In its understanding, the live performance must be met, "this mountain, The water, the people "among the natural integration. Both a local landscape beauty, but also have local life and culture. Such as "Impression Liu San Jie", not only the local landscape, clouds, villages these scenes, there is smell of local life, can only be counted on the real live performance.
Another singer Rongzhongerjia identity, that is, the original ecology of large Tibetan song and dance performances "possession fans" of investors. He does not deny the "original" the conceptualization of this tendency is in itself, "as performed in order to recover the most primitive people lived locally is not possible, we can only do efforts to Jiuzhaigou local Tibetan costumes, song and dance , folk customs, festivals and culture with local characteristics to show. " Rongzhongerjia that, as a real song and dance performances and original ecological performances investors to understand the local culture is important, but also have to maintain a sense of cultural authenticity, not only for commercial considerations.
In addition to live performance around the flood, Lijiang, Phoenix, Zhouzhuang town and other city a huge loss of indigenous people, but also result in damage to the authenticity of local culture to become "tourists killed Venice", another replica.
In this regard, president of National Geographic magazine tied Lee Branch that tourists disturb the local people's life is an indisputable fact, but if it does not force them to move out, while still allowing them to derive tangible benefits of tourism, that the lives of local people appearance and culture will be preserved the greatest extent, foreign tourists would find rewarding, to the future want to come back again.
■ voice "can do culture tourism" is misunderstanding ● Wei Xiaoan, director of Academic Committee of China Tourism Research Institute of the event's "culture is the soul of tourism, tourism is the carrier of culture," the slogan, actually only said that the cultural half and tourism relations, ignoring the travel itself is a cultural connotation. In what way to travel, tourism standards, and travel in the course of the pursuit of individuality, which can be included in the "Tourism Culture" among the concept.
Currently in the cultural tourism of the following errors: First, cultural supremacy. Can do that as long as cultural tourism. In fact, some things are a small niche market, you no matter how small niche market is a niche market speculation, such as Du Fu hometown, Du Fu is indeed a celebrity, but the impact of young people, but definitely more than Jay. Second, protect the first, that what could not move, as long as protection can be. The third myth is that over-exploitation problems. The fourth misunderstanding of cultural tourism in the end just do not know how to do it, pay no attention to the details to create a good tourism product.
Because of the existence of these errors, our culture tends to become a pan-cultural, tourism became the Pan-tourism, culture and tourism will become a pan of combination. Dig a place of culture, and ultimately the formation of a specific tourism product, which is the key to the development of cultural tourism.
Cultural needs of tourists into the local culture tour ● Yu, Peking University, Dean of the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture to want to maintain vitality of cultural tourism, tourists need to treat the cultural heritage, to become integrated into the local culture them to go. Think carefully before you start to feel the local culture, or holidays. If the idea is to hold the former, and it should pay special attention to the protection of cultural heritage. In fact, there are a lot of tourists just to see a dead culture, such as the surface things look at the house and forget there is also a very strong cultural presence. Tourism development are also now many excavated tombs, stole the jar inside, the tomb had been filled out, so no longer see the complete culture. Therefore, travelers have a good attitude is very important to Lijiang, it is important to understand the feelings of Bai lady of the day the local culture, rather than directed at a hotel or buy souvenirs go, this will become for cultural tourism touch, live together.
Protect the ancient town can be imported "Travel Community" concept ● Lee tied, Chinese President on the National Geographic magazine, the ancient city, the town's local daily life, and protection and should import a "community tourism" development concept. Imagine the locals have lived here for generations, why ring up tickets today, and has nothing to do with the local people. Outsiders will disturb their travel habits, but if the material does not improve, or go to demolished or relocated, or forced them to surreptitiously put the visitors into the area outside, giving the idea a little money to survive high fares. This is a kind of living conditions of their destruction.
Which China also has a good positive example, the Lijiang River's "Impression", why the local artificial facilities and many valuable tree species are not so guarded, because every day for a concert to mobilize thousands of local people and tourism to their lead to better development.
Reporter Ma Qingchun Source: _ China Travel Network

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