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Sichuan Tourism Strategy

How to customize the travel market to expand the essay?

Published: November 3, 2010

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Recently, a well-known portal launched a "Do you choose your own custom travel," the online survey attracted a majority of Internet users participate. From the current voting results, nearly 93% of users expect and are willing to try that.

Appears in the tourism industry, with leisure, experience and other modern elements into, there's the traditional way to travel with the group, by car and so far can not meet the market demand. Thus, custom travel is "travel routes according to their own requirements and design" is quietly rising.

Pull the wind:

Personalized Custom Travel birth

At present the province's tourism market, with the group travel and free exercise of their propped up almost "half the sky." The person in charge of a private bear Lei, these two patterns of consumption do not like: "package tour, with the crowd to visit 'ripe' attractions, daily rat race; Tours, although free and easy free, but lack of tourism professionals, services, and loss of short trip highlights. "Xiong Lei said," If there is a defect between the tourism product while at the abandoned, but also integrated the advantages of both, it was perfect. "

With the development and upgrading of the tourism industry, as well as the frequency of travel activities, increasing the depth, "Xiong Lei are" more and more. This part of the consumer groups for their individual needs for tourists, and itineraries customized travel products was born.

For travel agents, the custom of tourism tourism products can be described as "gold mine", as compared with ordinary tourism products, custom travel 10% -15% profit or more. Comfort Travel Zheng Jun, general manager of Sichuan that the current line a lot of mass tourism in our province has entered a vicious circle of price competition, travel agents only through competitive differentiation to better survival. "Unique design, and quality service customized tourism products, will become the new economic growth point travel."


Check each other subjective and objective factors

In recent years, the annual increase in the country are custom travel 20% to 30%, but the reporter visited the province in a number of large travel agencies only to find that their product design and sales is not optimistic. Industry due to the embarrassment of such a "lack of talent and high-end consumer attitudes immaturity."

Two years ago, the province launched a well-known travel agencies to a "Mediterranean luxury cruise + top symphony" custom tours. The tour, visitors take a "more luxurious than the Titanic," the singer Aida cruise, enjoy the spa, the most luxurious diamond massage service, you can enjoy the world's top concert. This looks beautiful custom tours, but the travel agency responsible person admits: "The final sales is not ideal."

Learn how to target customers customized travel, and of interest to develop long-term customers such as customized travel to be a bottleneck. Chengdu CYTS Teng, general manager, told reporters recently, the introduction of customized travel, in terms of travel agency is a difficult challenge. Travel supply systems, procurement systems, human resources and so must meet very high standards, have the strength and the ability to do custom tours. Currently, the lack of high-end marketing personnel, market ineffective, so customized tourism products, only the shelf.

In addition, travel experts He Jidong, said the slow development of the tourism market in our province custom reasons, but also by the concepts and practices of consumers. "For the relatively high cost of custom travel, the average consumer is clearly not easy to accept, while the spending power of the target consumer groups, because of culture, ideas and other factors, there is no sense of the formation of customized travel."


Custom tourism "cut" What?

Well-known management expert Weixiao An economic and tourism that "feature is the soul of tourism, culture-based tourism, the environment is the root of tourism, the quality of the tourism." This sentence is actually a core of highly customized travel products summary . Can be seen, customized travel, from consumer to business, you need to get rid of old ideas. Customized travel, not necessarily a luxury, but must be subject characteristics, the humanities, history, nature is unique.

How the product design? First need to customize the consultants, that is, upon the specific ideas or budget to provide one to one personal service, recommend appropriate travel destination, hotel, projects, introduce the relevant customs and habits, weather, traffic, etc., and then proceed to circuit design and reservations.

How to sell products? This is a custom tourism development in our province to another to break the deadlock. The positioning of the target audience, each TSP are very accurate - the pursuit of individuality, the maverick of high-income groups. But how to accurately point to make high-end tourism product landing it? Planning process in the tourism marketing manager, said the target customer base, custom travel is "not price sensitive persons", the line and deep cultural connotation of experience, is ultimately contributed to the impetus of the trip. Therefore, to customize the travel products included in cultural heritage excavated at the same time to focus on customized travel products such as word of mouth.


Call the front desk, high-quality

Cluster consumption trends, give us a revelation, can rely on high-end customized travel clubs, financial institutions, entertainment clubs, academic institutions, community groups and even force a breakthrough, these are depends on human effort for. But the basic point of all this, the project stems from good service tour operators. Because the introduction of a high-end tourism products need good support, if no corresponding targeted planning and organization, no matter from which point of view, are alone, Dumu difficult forest. The most direct is that people need to travel planning innovative plan to enter front-end services from the background. This will be the province tourist market, need to call the high end of knowledgeable sales personnel, to achieve a qualitative leap. Source: Sichuan Daily

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