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Sichuan Tourism Strategy

Pan-Pan Panda Sichuan to go out this month, 30 longevity it!

Published: November 2, 2010

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According to describe the process reproduce the illustrations Lixing Yu rescue Bass

Lixing Yu Fuzhou television news programs by understanding the current situation Lei Yuandong photo of Bath

Bath look for the discoverer of a prototype Li Xingyu Pan-Pan

20 years later

Fuzhou Panda World park, has 30 years of "old age" and "Pan Pan" prototype Bass to live here, the panda's life-expectancy of only 15 years, today's Bath longevity is rare pandas.

20 years ago

February 1, 1984, farmers in Sichuan Yaan Baoxing Bath Lixing Yu rushing river channel rescued a giant panda, named after the Bath. Before the 1990 Beijing Asian Games, state-level artist Liu Zhongren Changchun Film Studio Art and Design in the interior, to Bath for the prototype design of the mascot - Panda "Pan Pan."

Back when Beijing Asian Games, tilted thumb, hand-held Beijing Asian Games medals, running and smiling panda mascot "Pan Pan" is the most famous star, an instant 20 years, China held its first Asian Games time to dilute the passion has long been the heartbeat, but the Chinese people on the "Pan Pan" the memories are still profound. However, little is known about the prototype of their daughter named Bass, a female panda. In 1984, farmers Lixing Yu Bath Baoxing County in Sichuan Yaan rushing river channel rescued a giant panda, named after the Bath.

20 years later, Huaxi Dushi Bao Li Xingyu reporter walked into the house, when the salvation of Bath and the famous is a celebrity now common for the elderly became a grandmother, she and her husband about 20 years together, and Jian Wang Bath's fate. Surprisingly, this month 13, the Bass will be at least 30 years old.

Save the 1984 "Pan Pan"

The winter of 1984, Lixing Yu Ya Baoxing Bath in a giant panda found collapsed ditch in the icy river, "I know pandas are national treasures, we have a responsibility to save it." Giant panda is the Bass, Later, Asian Games in Beijing Panda "Pan Pan" prototype.

Lixing Yu and his wife retired to live in an ordinary urban Ya dormitory. Lixing Yu is the first sentence of the interview: "I am very grateful to Bath, which became a star did not forget me, and I proved it to have this fate."

Particularly cold winter of 1984, a large area of bamboo flowering in Sichuan, the hungry giant pandas have a forest, away from food.

February 1, Lixing Yu Shi Chenggang with a 13-year-old nephew walking in the mountain, they had just finished chopping firewood along the river road home. Suddenly, Lixing Yu found a panda lying motionless in the river, the cold water has an impact on it, look closely, Lixing Yu the giant panda is a large whirlpool and large stone trapped, can not move a step: "It was near the wild dog, Panda is still small, the river was scared, and then stuck in the whirlpool, moving less, and I thought wisdom for to jump into the. "Lixing Yu him a bundle of sticks tied with rope, nephew Dan Chenggang in She pulled on shore, jumped into the icy cold river.

"When it was picked up hair is greasy, but also more well-behaved, like a baby the same." Bath was only 30 pounds, almost be emaciated, was put up was already dying. After the Bath hold to the shore, Lixing Yu had a fire, the Buss in his arms, 10 minutes later, Bath regained consciousness. The villagers from the village came to the point of brown sugar gave Bath the water feed, pork skins, Bath gradually regaining strength. Looked to many people, and was taken aback, bounced a tree, "was the hanging tree

Cliff, we have in the past can not, here is River, and finally cut the tree to pull him down. "

Soon received a phone Fengtongzhai protected areas staff arrived and took Bass. Before leaving the time, did not read the book to the panda Lixing Yu took the name of Bath. "At that time, I know of only giant panda is a national treasure, we have a responsibility to save it, protect it, did not think too much."

20 years, "Pan Pan" fame

Around 2000, Lixing Yu's hometown visit to the Fuzhou Panda World, play, accidentally discovered bird known to the world, many countries in Europe and America show, the Asian Games mascot "Pan Pan" prototype came from the Sichuan Yaan Baoxing.

Protected areas will be handed over to the staff of Bath, the Lixing Yu returned home to continue the life of an ordinary farmer, but she did not think that he was known to the world to save the Bath.

"It was nothing like, to the protected area can rest assured, I never thought it is so disappointing." See, Lixing Yu contain a proud smile. Around 2000, Lixing Yu's hometown visit to the Fuzhou Panda World, play, accidentally discovered bird known to the world, many countries in Europe and America show, the Asian Games mascot "Pan Pan" prototype came from the Sichuan Baoxing, go back to one that , we only think of only Olympus Li Xingyu year may be saved the bird.

A few more years, in 2003, Baoxing to the bit guests - Fuzhou Giant Panda Research Center, has a "Panda father," said the Chen village. From afar, Fuzhou, Chen Village for the pleasure of seeing only the savior of Bath. At this point, Lixing Yu did not know he is then saved in Fuzhou Panda World of Bath Bath. "Later I heard that Director Chen to go to Bath, then sat in front of the Wolong Nature Reserve for three days and three nights, he said, was to listen to the music of Bath Bath on a little reaction, he felt Bath interesting estimated to be nurtured. "

Later, after the Bath to Fuzhou, whether scientific research, or life, Chen Village of Bath are devoted to all the effort, he even said his daughter are not on the good of Bath, Bath train ride, walk upright, weightlifting, rings and other 20 kinds of interesting performances, the last known to the world with it. "Bass was really amount to anything, and I heard performances abroad, foreigners who ranked at the door for two hours to 5 minutes to go in to see Bath, we still feel more proud."

See also 20 years later, "Pan Pan"

In 2005, ushered in the 25th birthday of Bath, according to the age of human translation, the panda has been the equivalent of 100 years old, Lixing Yu was invited to see the Fuzhou Panda World of Bath, "I call it, ah Bath, Bath, It seems to have the same sense, the ear towards our side on the sheets, it old, a move can not move. "

Know the Bass fame, Lixing Yu Jian Wang and her husband also would like to Fuzhou to see it, but the two old people but for travel expenses to worry about: "A retired, no one would have to work a bit difficult to do once in Fuzhou." Lixing Yu said a buried his head: "but it is still more to see what's." In 2005, Bath 25th birthday, Fuzhou Panda World held a big birthday celebration, Lixing Yu was invited to a couple of Fuzhou.

"We were dedicated to the mountains to cut a fresh tender Bath bamboo, cut into Stub stub, and think it is good thing, and gave him to buy the apples, two pounds for a total of bamboo." Barely out of my life get married The Lixing Yu and his wife went to see the plane sitting in Bath, 21 years later, Li Xingyu old, and Bath is old: "We were standing outside, and also a little distance, I called it, of Bath, ah, Pakistan Sri Lanka, it seems to have the same sense, the ear towards our side on the sheets, it is old, and move all can not move. "Bass-old body was very good, experienced cataract surgery, but also have high blood pressure, coupled with on body weight, almost no how to move.

November 13, ushered in 120 years birthday of Bath, Fuzhou Panda World has invited Lixing Yu, but the couple still worry about the toll: "The recent ticket , also rose, round, or very expensive. "But think of Bath, Lixing Yu also miss: "I still want to see it. this view, it is estimated that the last time, it is so old."

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