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Chengdu, Sichuan China Youth Travel Service Headquarters, the official website for the latest tour Sichuan Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha tourism, Emei, Leshan bus tourism, conference tourism Emei, Emei Mountain weather forecast, Emei tour, Emeishan quotes, Emei Shan Tourism Raiders, Emeishan hotels reservations, car rental Mount Emei , Mount Emei tour price

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Emei native

Tea (Trimeresurus stejnegeri, Pu ear tea, Yu-Ping-chun, etc.)

Emei early tea on the famous Jin Dynasty, "Huayang. Shu-chi," reads: "Nan, Wu-Yang are out of tea." "Selected Works. Note" also recorded: "Asan many herbs, tea, especially good, different from the world. "Emei" Snow Bud "very well-known in the Song Dynasty, Su has" sub-free Yu Wan praised Emei "in sentence. Until the Ming dynasty tea and development and Emei. "Emei County," reads: "thanks to a tea plantation in the early Ming, in Whitewater Temple (Temple of the current years) planting tea 10000, in order to cloud water (three clouds dihydrate five temples) permanent use. Wanli Code, go to the end of the monk, to Kangxi Dynasty Gold 1000 are stated at redemption is also two. "After the field is in the Pu Xing Ming Bao tan Muta-National Division in the vicinity, the" Royal Tea Man "monument one pass, on the monument were aware of Emei tea and tea related tribute. River Township, Yuping main temple area also gave birth to tea, monks have also picked around the Temple of refined tea leaves into the tribute.

Mount Emei monks before the founding of the Qing view of the use of Longdong tea leaf, using fabrication Hangzhou tea green tea, to create a tight knot fiber embroidery, full-cents, such as eyebrow, leaf green Tang Qing, fragrant pure taste of the "e-er-core", famous Er-ya.


Temple felt empty years in creating a new species monk - "Trimeresurus." In 1964, Vice Premier Chen Yi to Emei Mountain to see that flat straight smooth, shaped like bamboo leaves and rich fragrance of new varieties, the appreciation that this is Trimeresurus Well! Hence the name "Trimeresurus." The product has repeatedly won the gold medal at home and abroad. (Mount Emei Trimeresurus Tea Co., Ltd. the exclusive ownership of the goods exclusive right to use) is now known at home and abroad tea boutique, with annual sales volume of more than 20 million kilograms.

After Emei has produced "Pu ear tea", the main sales in Japan, the annual exports of about 100,000 kilograms; broken black tea, the main sales in Southeast Asia, the annual export of more than 50,000 kilograms. In 1985, the Mount Emei area has refined out of a new species, form Yinhao curly cord tight, Pekoe revealed, liquor color Qingbi, leaves the new show as ever, taste mellow. Adoption of the original Yu-Ping Temple, by the Department of famous shoots, so the name "Yu-Ping-chun." Now, there are tea Emei about six acres, the main produced in double-fu, Le Du, Pu Xing, Sichuan and other Tsochen main annual output of 3,000 tons of tea, of which about 300 tons of tea. Products have been sold to Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanxi, Tibet, and Henan provinces and cities nationwide over 20 and have been sold to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries and regions. Shuang-fu town has become a major distribution center for tea Southwest Sichuan, Emei, Ya'an, Yibin, Leshan, Jiajiang, Hongya, muchuan, Ma edge, ebian tea have entered the market, the purchase of tea each year Foreign businessmen there are more than 2,000 trips daily trading volume reached the peak of 10 tons. With air service points here this year, opening the next day, sent by air outside the province amounted to 3000 kilograms of tea.

Snow mushroom taro

Mushroom taro is a perennial herb, ground into a serpentine petiole color into palmate compound leaf, leaflet pinnate division, underground stem is spherical, tubers like taro. After milling after processing before being consumed. Cooked black, the common name black bean curd. Emei clean water, Asan, double-fu, Pu Xing, Sichuan and other Tsochen are produced in the primary. Mount Emei in the first half on a lack of food, both reserve mushroom major temples, taro cooking. Snow mushroom production of taro the invention is a chance. Around in the thirties, terra withstand holding and along side mushroom San-wei day you will discover a few days after the line became frozen foam sponge-like, and taste exceptionally delicious, then trial-production, after several successful trial. Due to taste delicious, and easy to save, the major temples are beginning to produce. Later, the production method has been refined to improve inherited. Snow mushroom taro has become a major local products Emeishan.

Emei taro snow mushroom


Emei Orange Emei Orange is a Rutaceae, is a wild evergreen tree, up to 3 meters thick trunk straight, crown like umbrellas, spectacular appearance. May flowers, gray and incense. October a result, real tired, oblate, the general weight 100-170 grams, the color orange, thick-skinned, with wrinkles, Rouban neat, Pickle and incense special thick, intact, can store in March years. Much more expensive than in the past the mountains to worship Buddha monks and nuns, known as "fragrant edge." Can also be used for traditional Chinese medicine formula, there is digestion, the next gas, nausea, phlegm and other effects. In April 1980, by the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Fruit Tree Research Institute breeding room for testing, orange sugar content 2.62%, acid amount of 5.59%, containing vitamins C39.19%, solid 9.5, is a nutrient-rich fruits . Spring of 1981, Leshan regional agricultural bureau for processing storage test, a year later, no bacteria, 8.9% sugar content, acid amount of 1.9%. In 1982, Mount Emei mineral plant their orange juice preparation of soft drinks, orange sprinkled upon food and beverage fermentation were identified as the following view: Emei Orange's unique aroma than lemon fragrance, is the ideal in the existing fruit aroma . Wine Orange Drink and Food, Sichuan Province won the 1984 Silver Medal Award Evaluation Committee Kam.

Fresh bamboo shoot

Emei Sun Zi refers to dried bamboo shoots, it is a well-known specialty Emei. Emei shoots a long history. Ming Hu Shian "Chi Bamboo change" that "Asan bamboo species of the most fan ... ... stem of the pie of the monks to meals left." E Mountain Bamboo Shoots "Four Seasons of the mountain can be identified," rich in resources. To the Qing Dynasty has developed into a city, "Japan-selling 100 Tam." To become one of the mountain farm sideline. E Mountain shoots many kinds, there are fresh bamboo shoot, pickled bamboo shoots and so on. Fresh bamboo shoot to origin classification have Longdong bamboo shoots, Longchi bamboo, bamboo shoot 2 Asan, Asan four shoots ... ... but its taste is less than great Asan (Emei) shoots. With bamboo shoots classification have saffron, showing purple, stems thick, devaluation Mahayana Temple and the Dragon Cave area of production, fresh crisp and fragrant with fruit flavor. Fish, bamboo shoots, short soft white, other ci bamboo, Pleioblastus, golden bamboo shoots can be taken, different flavor. In recent years, production and sales Emei Kusun big hit with customers, has sold Chengdu and other places. Production of dried bamboo shoots with cold is a pure, this sub-shoots in spring and autumn mining, are produced throughout the mountains, rich in raw materials. Pickled bamboo shoots are used Chuan Lord, Longdong autumn shoots produced. Two places of raw materials due to solid color white heart, produced elsewhere without this feature. Pickled bamboo shoots most Japanese welcomed the annual sales volume of large, annual output more than 100,000 kilograms.

Mount Emei fresh bamboo shoot

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