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Chengdu China Youth Travel Service Headquarters official website, provide the latest travel Sichuan Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha tour, bus tour Leshan Mount Emei, Emei conference tourism, Emei Mountain Weather, Mount Emei line, Emei quotes, Emei Mountain Tourist Guide, Emeishan Hotel reservations, car rental Mount Emei , Mount Emei prices

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Xixiang Chi and Guro-dong

Wang Lei Dongping slope from the next even after the Xixiang Chi, this distance is approximately 3.5 kilometers, the whole mountain the most difficult line of steep mountain passages one (respectively, Xixiang Chi for several other days of the slope and under the drill 99 Shui), but also the entire mountain scenery section of one of the most CMO. 12.5 km downstream from the Xixiang Chi can be Guro-dong, Guro-dong down by the 15 km on to the Temple of Hung Chun.

Xixiang Chi <br /> Xixiang Chi Shan circled from the time when clouds, trees line both sides, sometimes monkeys out to people obtain food, visitors line to the meantime, there are often surprises. Lei Dongping to Xixiang Chi junction between the monkeys often teams come and go, Laohou home front, neither overbearing nor servile attitude of the tourists passing through this stretch of road is best to prepare food and Zhu Zhang (Wen and Wu Tao, one of a relaxation), you can get access qualifications. Blood pool to wash the unique temple side of the mountain, overlooking the deep valleys on three sides, floating among the clouds often guarantee. 2070 meters above sea level here, is an excellent full moon resort. Temple names derived from a Buddhist legend, the legend had Samantabhadra Kap Shui bathing pool here, riding the elephant. Visitors here can be up and down the Golden Roof as the old one accommodation point, Xixiang Chi Rooms more. If you are suitable for lunar months, visitors may wish to take a special trip to this short stay, enjoy the day was clear and fresh, stunning jade moonlight night. Temple monkeys often come and go, one monkey in harmony, will leave memories of your ribbon.
Xixiang Chi was originally called the beginning of hi Pavilion, visitors this means that approaching the top, and rejoicing. Kangxi years to construct a temple, Buddhist mythology, ancestor of the great disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha Samantabhadra riding like a mountain, the pool in front of the temple of a six-washing as the Kap Shui, and to its name. Here is a cold area, heavy rain and snow, Guer their little house, and build a house with a lead sheet, which Maitreya Hall, Main Hall and the Goddess of Mercy Temple. "Like pool night moon, bringing" as one of the ten Emei: When grabbing fog collection cloud, blue sky thousands of miles, on Long in the sky, the moon greet the pool, Shuitianyise, just like exposure to the sky, it is the air is crisp Shenyi. Because here is the visitors must pass through in 1982, the new state investment in the Temple Written by four guest houses, monasteries and became one of the mountains. The monkeys often come and go with to the visitors to ask for food.
Xixiang Chi
Guro-dong (Sianfong Temple)
Since Xixiang Chi drill days to nine ridge slope that, in this visitors can choose a different route down the mountain: a left-line, by Huayan top, first house to the Temple of years down the road is close; another right line, after the event Sin Temple, Xianfeng Temple (Guro-dong), Hong Chunping, Monkey Hill, thin strip of sky, Qingyin Pavilion, down from Qingyin Pavilion, or again from Qingyin Pavilion by Bailongdong, down to the years after the temple visit, attractions more long distance. Guro-dong is the largest mountain cave full, full length of 1500 meters, the hole and the bottom with 84 meters height difference. In three parts: the first section of the hall and corridor-type caves, visitors can walk upright, about 120 meters; the middle of the mesh cross the labyrinth cave, about 160 meters, visitors should not be deep; lower part cracked cave difficult place to go. Guro-dong was named after the British days, any day, Tianzhu, day centers, day birds, Tian-fu, Tin Chong, days Rui, canopy "nine old" legend on Cultivation in the cave. Plastic repair of the cave now has a statue of the God of Wealth Zhao Gongming, count this, maybe that was 10 old. Guro-dong to legend, and features a unique magic to attract a large number of visitors, but visitors must be careful action, pay attention to safety.
Sianfong Temple is one of Emei eight Temple, room and board is better, the environment is very beautiful, visitors can stay here, rest, and then uphill or downhill. Buddhist temple is also one of the elements can be a tourist, when dawn and dusk, exhausted clock went off everywhere, Beige high publicity and fun. Sianfong Temple Written also sen Wong Toi, is watching the mountains ring stand, changing the landscape of tobacco to the best place. Surrounded by rolling hills, magnificent scenery. Sihou immortal peak altitude of 1750 meters of rock for the giant limestone mountains. Here is a typical dolomite distribution Emei, a famous cave temple side of the old nine holes ---.
99 Shui Po <br /> 99 well-known for the dangerous slope of Mount Emei, from the Peak Pavilion, and ends at the bridge birthday. Even a one Shui Po, a slope from one slope to see a slope known everything about genome, suddenly took a dramatic turn, is a slope. On the "nine old hole" in its name, from one mythic. Then the ancestors of the Chinese legend of Huangdi came all the way along the Yangtze River to Emei Mountain to visit from the emperor asked the man innocent, coincidence cave the cave of nine elderly people, called "days of the British, any day, Tianzhu, day centers, day birds, Tian-fu Tin Chong, days Rui, canopy, "asked the age of nine Lao Shenxian has not remember, just remember when they had a young stone for the Nvwaniangniang refining the Sky picking over stones, appears to be the qualifications of shallow the. "Guro-dong," the name derived from this. Triangular hole, looking out from the hole, the hole profile is like a statue of a Respect Road, is really fantastic. You look around Dong Fu, ivy coiled, Zashu fly, there are clouds beneath the bitter, under mist vapor, on the outside day Lang weather, cool breeze inside the cave, "nine angel House" really mysterious legend of you might experience some hole.
Emei Shan Shui 99
Hung Chun Temple Temple and Hong Chunping <br /> Sianfong about 15 km away, through the whole mountain was to be one of the three steep "99 Shui." Hong Chunping characterized by lush vegetation everywhere the green Yelian Yun, Cuise like the sea. Spring and summer morning, fog filled the air, sticks quinoline as washing, heady, named "Hung Chun Xiao Yu." For "Emei Ten Scenes" one. The local altitude of about 1120 m, abundant sunshine, soil moisture, natural plant kingdom. Hung Chun is a longevity Goosen, now you can see in the Temple Written slopes. Zhuangzi "Carefree" saying goes: "Elder who has tsubakimoto to eight thousand years for the spring, eight thousand years for the autumn." Temple with a couplet, which made this intention: "Buddha to hundreds of millions of years for the day, and millions of years for the night; tsubakimoto to eight thousand years for the spring, eight thousand years for the autumn. "Entering the Buddhist Taoism, this is one engaged in trade. As examples of the Confucian concept of Rufo Men are also seen in the temple reception room door on the couplet: "Dreams of all knowledge; human sophistication that article." Hong Chunping this large hall between the couplet full of interest. Canteen door together, "a grain of rice in the possession of the world; half the pot boil dry over Journal." Upstairs a joint "Office has why not true; treat large liver skin always" a good harvest are interesting. Also worth reading in particular the sons of two-hundred word length Goddess of Mercy Alliance, 1921 written by the Sichuan people FENG Qing Yue is the first joint for the whole mountain.
Mount Emei is one eight temples. Hong Chunping, built in the Ming Dynasty, said the Buddhas Temple; clear when the refurbishment, due to front of the temple there are three named Hung Chun-old trees. Chuan Jie Mao Department for the monk Po palm. Hong Chunping numerous valuable cultural relics inside. First, many couplets, and the higher grade; Second Temple in possession of clear system Thousand Lotus lamp, Carve fine; Third Temple there is a wooden Qing Dynasty Qianlong "Secretary Masaaki monument", has a high historical value. Owned forest around the mountain monastery hold, lush quiet, rain and fog-shrouded, 1000 Dicui. Mount Emei is now one of national key temples.

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