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Chengdu China Youth Travel Service Headquarters official website, provide the latest travel Sichuan Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha tour, bus tour Leshan Mount Emei, Emei conference tourism, Emei Mountain Weather, Mount Emei line, Emei quotes, Emei Mountain Tourist Guide, Emeishan Hotel reservations, car rental Mount Emei , Mount Emei prices

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Geological evolution of Mount Emei

Emei anticline is a fault block mountain, west under the Emei - W Mountain Fault Zone. Its geological history and geological structure are closely linked. As early as back some 850 million years ago (immediate early Sinian), Emei Mountain area or an ocean. As early as the late Sinian, Jinning movement to Emei Mountain area into a tank from the ground floor area, forming a low-lying mountains. Meanwhile, deep in the crust caused a lot of granite magma intrusion, the formation of the Emeishan basement for future development and evolution of sedimentary cover, act as a "foundation" role.
The late Sinian to early Ordovician (~ 500 million years ago 7 or so), the sea to our west, from southern flooded, Emei Mountain area reduced to sea the second time, the crustal subsidence Emei Mountain area. Early crust down little in 100 million years, the sediment formed a nearly 1000 m thick carbonate-based dolomite, that the present Line-Sky, Daping, Hong Chunping other places the strata exposed. During this period, a large number of low vegetation and animals began the birth of a single cell, and now Hong Chunping near the rocks, can still clearly see the fossilized remains of algae. Later, the crust continues to decline, and the sedimentary formation about 1000 meters thick sandstone, shale and dolomite. Since the decline in the total process, the speed of uneven and down when stopped, or even increase slightly between. Therefore, after a fairy from Sianfong Temple Temple to Xixiang Chi rock formation on the left into the layer of interaction, cross color phenomenon. This formation contains abundant fossils document, trilobites and other fossils and brachiopod fossils.
To the late Ordovician (450 million years ago), Emei Mountain area began to rise out of the water, forming a sea of islands. In the island "career" of 200 million years of geological history the earth has never occurred in the changes had become vibrant, all things emit breath of life. The Emei Mountain area is quietly being eroded in the long term, Guer the stratigraphic section in the absence of the Middle Ordovician to the Carboniferous period of history covering the early Permian strata directly above the Ordovician strata.
Early Permian period (about 2.7 billion years ago), took place in South China sea and the geological history of the most extensive leaching, Emei Mountain area become the third submarine, the thickness of sediment formed at 400 ~ 500 meters of carbonate rock, the Emeishan cliff, Ling Tung, provided the material conditions of the formation. If Lei Dongping km cliff and 72 holes have appeared in this rock formation, and preserved corals, brachiopods and winding branches fossil.
Until the early Late Permian, Emei Mountain area showing the sea again, to become part of Panxi ancient rift zone. But did not last long, strong Variscan movement led it into the fire, which occurred in the mantle base shaking out of the magmatic eruption, covered about 50 million square kilometers, formed after cooling to 400 meters thick basalt, the famous Emei Mountain basalt. Present mainly in the Golden Summit, Wanfo Ding, Buddhas top and Qingyin Pavilion and so on.
The late Permian, the sea once again dip diffuse, and the transition to the Mesozoic geological history of the early Triassic, the fourth into the sea Emei Mountain area, sedimentary formation about 1500 meters thick, pebbly sandstone, lithic sandstone, mudstone and so on. At present, the Longmen rock area that remains of this period.
Until the Late Triassic (about 1.8 billion years ago or so), by the movement of Indo-up terrain, basin gradually reduced until the final close, the sea withdrew from the Emei Mountain area forever. Just over 1.8 ~ 1 million years or so, Mount Emei is also a continent lake, swamp environment. After repeated switching, forming a set of sedimentary sandstone, mudstone, sandstone powder mainly coal-bearing strata, and are mainly exposed in the foothills. To the Quaternary in the Pleistocene, Emeishan weather is cold, into the ice age, late Pleistocene, climate gradually warm, deposited in rift basins in the Piedmont flood washed layer structure.
Emei majestic rise and show the real impact of the real form, is from the Cretaceous period (about 7000 million years ago) has not started yet, is the nature and role of internal and external forces, but long-term results.
The late Cretaceous period, the Sichuan Movement, Emei original shape of the sedimentary layer of the level of deformation, displacement, there has been uneven degree of fold, faults of varying scale. One major fault Emeishan, Emeishan large anticline began development, the principal had already begun to Emei, but it was only 1000 meters above sea level, as the edge of a low mountain in Sichuan Basin, it may not look.
Between the late Eocene (about 3000 million years ago), the Indian Plate and the Yangtze plate collide in China, leading the world's highest mountain?? Himalayan fold rise. The Himalayan movement, strong lateral pressure, shook the entire eastern Georgia. Mount Emei are also exposed to the main east-west compressive stress squeeze, there has been a strong folding and faulting, mountain Emeishan large fault along the fracture surface uplift rapidly, reached an altitude of 2000 meters high, Emei anticline formation, that is the main Emeishan . The initial Emei anticline or a total uplift from south to north, but the edge has a series of faults, will split into several large anticlinal fault block, in particular principal stress in the North West, North East direction of "X" partial pressure stress was caused by the faults, further segmentation of the Emei Mountain anticline. This rapid rise further after the Emei Mountain and the further formation of topography, and laid a solid foundation and structure.
When the development of the Himalayan movement period (about 300 million years ago), the irresistible shock, but also to the frequent emergence of new Emeishan structure, described as "earth shaking, Shanbengdilie", the north west of a compressive stress ? South Eastern mainly to the partial pressure of stress, not only increasing the scale of Emei Mountain fault, and cut into the granite base, so that the main Emeishan strong uplift along the fault, eventually forming the present Government of the majestic, and Emei relative height up to 2600 plain meters.
Since the past several years, including the golden dome of the main Mount Emei, Emei large faults and concept that heart triangle between the slope of the fault, an increase of nearly 1000 meters, with an average annual increase of 2 mm. Shun Yeung Ping Phoenix house along the north side of the fault concept of mind slope, an increase of about 500 meters, with an average annual increase of 1 mm. The foothills of the lateral, or yellow bay, two Asan and other places, an increase of only about 100 meters, with an average annual rate of 0.2 mm. Also due to mountain uplift and the fault is intermittent uplift at different speeds, determine the whole landscape is Emei southwest high ranges, was low and the shallow hill northeast plains, and people often known as Mount Emei is the "small three layer 7 layer ", that is, the third layer Jieyin Dian Lu, Xixiang Chi foot for the second layer, at the foot of the Temple as the first layer.
Sedimentary rocks under the Mount Emei and the calculation of the following granite, both the thickness of the sum, the proper height of Mount Emei more than 7000 meters above sea level, and now the peak of Mount Emei, but also elevation of 3099 meters, so there are more than 3000 meters of rock how missing what? One reason is that the Emeishan mountain itself, the fault aspect, rock crushing, easy to weathering erosion; the other hand, glaciers, water, air and other factors of erosion, resulting in growth, while its height was reduced. Especially the Quaternary (about 200 million years ago) glacial appearance (according to the fern pingba accumulation of ice deposits on test cases, there have been at least 3 times Emei Mountain), a powerful glaciers, a great extent, eroded the rock. Emei Mountain area coupled with abundant rainfall, rich groundwater and surface water are a serious erosion, scouring rocks. All kinds of rock, only basalt rock hard texture, broken very small degree of weathering is very slow, so in the course of the Emeishan uplift was eroded out of a basalt rock above 3000 meters, which was covered Emeishan basalt Jinding, 10000 Foding, terra-top, to be standing at an altitude of 3099 m Department.
Is the power of nature inside and outside the camps carved out to create many strange and beautiful landscape, the colorful dress Emei, so male, show, strange, quiet, risk being set in the mountain.

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