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Chengdu China Youth Travel Service Headquarters official website, provide the latest travel Sichuan Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha tour, bus tour Leshan Mount Emei, Emei conference tourism, Emei Mountain Weather, Mount Emei line, Emei quotes, Emei Mountain Tourist Guide, Emeishan Hotel reservations, car rental Mount Emei , Mount Emei prices

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Emeishan attractions: Qingyin Pavilion

Mount Emei is one of the eight temples Qingyin Pavilion. Built in the Tang Xizong four years (877 years), this Court revised the ridge between Heilongjiang and Bailong, the volley high-rise, the situation dangerous. After the Mansion House, dense forests Yu, Cuise tall, especially after a large Fir Court, the color of jade, to set off this ancient temple was left and each old fashioned.
Qingyin Pavilion
Qingyin Pavilion Emei is located in the center of the mountain down the mountain, and the Longmen factor called "water win Shuangjue." Face Qingyin Pavilion, embarked on is a green landscape paper, heavy dark green color, fine dyed. High, delicate pavilions commanding exquisite. Central, Dan sits in the then Royal eaves, bovine heart two kiosks, booths on each side of a stone bridge, cross the black and white points above the dihydrate, is shaped like wings, hence the name Flying Bridge. Close-range, convergence in the cattle pavilion was under "black and white" dihydrate. The right side of Blackwater, the source of nine older black holes under the Longtan, from around the Hong Chunping, flows through 15 km, water color, such as Dai, also known as Heilongjiang; the left side of Whitewater, the source the arched foot of the San Cha, around years from Temple, passing through 15 kilometers, color white, also known as Bailongjiang. Rolling whitecaps, impact on Green Lake in the heart of stone shaped like cows. Close neighbors, red and green contrast, the composition of the unique temple Landscape Gardens. Garden scientists said it is the sound of poetry, three-dimensional paintings.
Bovine heart stone dark light, the crystallization of two hundred million years of history and life, he was the black and white dihydrate rough slap, still stand rock-firm. Jingtao shot stone, sent bursts of thunder, a voice among the forest of the surrounding valleys, just as the qin playing, sometimes clear and sometimes deep, sometimes passionate and submissive to enjoy the "voiceless" of interest. Jingtao shot stone, stir fly Sui Yu, throwing beads spray snow, water fog droplets of non-faction Si Wu, soar in the air, falling in the water. Sunshine mapping, Flying is like a bridge in the mist of two colorful rainbow colored. "Flying the two Hong Ying, a bovine heart forever." Hundred Days, one of Liu Liujunzi first joint language, with vivid description of the document a "double bridge voiceless" charm. Tan Zhongyue the century poetry "Double Bridge voiceless," saying: "Jason natural shelf-clearing sound, as if under the Fuqin gods. Shuangqiaoshan a Qinger test stand, two distinct water rinse beef heart." Neighbor Lin quinoa with praise poetry: "The Emei Mountain Water has voiceless, resounded through the Shuangqiao Joseph Chin. Black and White 2 The river could not bear the pillar of a thousand cattle heart. "Winalite fine, night, hazy mountains such as Dai, Wan Lai stillness, only clear and melodious of acoustic echoes in the infinite space. Sitting on a pool table before the wash heart, people enter a trance, "voiceless" of the world. Listening voiceless, the human mind lends Ning Yi, and detached, to forget their existence, as if nature itself and merge into one, turned into a sound of voiceless, linger in the space.
Pan Ming Chia-Chou Ming Shian this tour, linger, wrote "Do not leave Flying," a quatrain:
Ge Yuqing cream poured through clothing,
Hill close the eyes Oblivion robins return.
A pillow on South Pine Hall,
Also fly through the Roaring dreams.
In Qingyin Pavilion, you can see Hongya, flowers and fragrant smell, hear Nagareizumi voiceless, touch to the pavilion monument. It focused on the visual beauty, acoustic beauty, smell the U.S., so the traveler can get the overall aesthetic experience Emei scenery. The number of visitors past and present reputation as "the first Mount Emei Scenic."
Voiceless Pinghu in Qingyin Pavilion, an area of 300000 square meters, Department of green lake, water quality pure, clean through the bottom.
Green Crest Green around the peaks surrounded, and ancient trees, lakes such as jade embedded in them, deep and shallow, bit by bit, really do not know the tree reflects green lake, or Lake dyed green tree. Exposure in the meantime, just listen to treed Department, Ming cicadas sound of a mountain breeze blowing, the slightest moisture washed mundane world, a good school of landscape feelings, ignoring the music. Cool summer here, for the leisure resort in Chengde; even in the winter and the chill of early spring, there is no wind, I am surrounded by the cold, still warm apply picturesque, Cuise students smoke.
Emei Emei Monkey is a wizard, playfulness playful, naive and highly learned person patience, see people do not panic, and people to each other and the people with music, brought countless joy to the visitors, as Emei's a living landscape. Playing with monkeys, a monkey feeding, watch the different styles, to understand their behavior, the last close contact again, as visitors to Mount Emei indispensable item. Eco monkey Emeishan Emeishan Qingyin Pavilion located, between the thin strip of sky to Hong Chunping for a narrow valley, an area of 25 hectares, is the largest protected area of natural eco-monkey. Eco monkey family of wild monkeys from existing three, up to 300 only.

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