Chengdu China Youth Travel Service Headquarters official website, provide the latest travel Sichuan Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha tour, bus tour Leshan Mount Emei, Emei conference tourism, Emei Mountain Weather, Mount Emei line, Emei quotes, Emei Mountain Tourist Guide, Emeishan Hotel reservations, car rental Mount Emei , Mount Emei prices
Chengdu China Youth Travel Service Headquarters official website, provide the latest travel Sichuan Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha tour, bus tour Leshan Mount Emei, Emei conference tourism, Emei Mountain Weather, Mount Emei line, Emei quotes, Emei Mountain Tourist Guide, Emeishan Hotel reservations, car rental Mount Emei , Mount Emei prices

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Mount Emei and the Leshan weather

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(Please note that Jinding lower temperature, keep thick clothing)

Mount Emei Mount Emei is located in climate <br /> subtropical monsoon climate region, its climate than by radiation, atmospheric circulation constraints, the topography play an important role. Mount Emei in the "Emei plain" suddenly the southwest end of the stand, Block west to east, from north to south, west, two 30-degree slope and the western mountains bordering buffer, east camera body for the steep cliff face of the Sanjiang Plain, Golden Summit , Thousand top three Qian Yumi Wan Foding three main peak altitude, higher than the ten thousand six hundred meters Emei City, in the southwestern corner of the formation of a large city a natural barrier, preventing the warm air to drive straight ocean, combined with terrain conditions and geographical environment on the development of precipitation systems and movement, creating a cloud over the mountain, less sunshine and abundant rainfall of the gas characteristics, and other areas west of the Revelation of the Quartet's famous composition, "West rain screen." At the same time so that the distribution of climate factors was also found obviously in different form, "the same mountain four seasons, different weather in different" with the system from the sub-tropical to sub-band spectral cold climate as a whole. Which also formed the Emeishan attractions and more, changing the characteristics - different venue and King, Yunfu mountain moving, is constantly changing.
Emei obvious vertical distribution of climate, elevation 1500 meters of the subordinate sub-tropical climate; altitude of 1500 meters ~ 2100 m is a warm temperate climate; altitude of 2100 m ~ 2500 m is in the temperate climate; altitude of 2500 meters is a sub-arctic climate. Peak and Pingba, foothills large temperature difference, a difference of 14 ℃, each rising 100 meters above sea level, the temperature dropped from 0.5 to 0.6 degrees.
Emei City coldest in January, the mean temperature of 4.3 degrees, the lowest temperature of minus 4 degrees. Top Mount Emei monthly average temperature from 11 months to March next year are below zero, the coldest month in January, to minus 6 degrees, the lowest temperature of minus 20 degrees.
July average temperature was 11.8 degrees, the maximum temperature of 20 degrees. Emei Mountain area above 2000 meters above sea level about six months for the snow-covered, usually in October to next April, the snow-capped Mount Emei are no seasons, only winter and spring of difference, as the previous song written by Cao : "May the fire near Emei, veneer boulders just like winter."
Emei of snow is quite distinctive, both "scenery of the north", with "Tropical landscape" - trees Qionghua, crystal.

Regional climate <br /> Leshan Leshan in Sichuan Basin, southwest mountains of the transition zone, the terrain was by Southwest, Northeast High, height difference and the poor, in particular the formation of geographical conditions, a variety of climate types. At latitude 29 degrees because of geographical vicinity, the city has a subtropical climate zone, with the characteristics of four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, water and heat in the same quarter, a long frost-free period, favorable agro-climatic conditions. The annual average temperature at 16.5-18.0 degrees, greater than or equal to 0 ℃ accumulated temperature is 6100-6500 ℃, greater than or equal to 10 ℃ accumulated temperature 5269-5662 ℃, greater than or equal to 20 ℃ accumulated temperature 2930-3376 ℃, annual average frost-free period as long as 300 days or more, on average 4.2-9.4 days, frost days, snow days on average only 1.0-2.7 days is rice, wheat, oil, sugar, fruit, cotton and other agricultural products of high yield area. Southwest mountain climate vertical differences are significant, from the foothills to the mountains followed by a warm subtropical distributed in a temperate climate full of a cold temperate zone, microclimate conditions are very complicated, is the development of agribusiness land area and three-dimensional agricultural areas, is wood, tea, herbal medicines and other major producing regions, is also a valuable tourism resources.
Affected by the monsoon and the uplift of the role of topography, climate humid, abundant rainfall. Most areas average annual rainfall of 1000 mm, 1500 mm or more, Emei City, only Ebian, Jinkouhe less than 1000 mm below the seasonal changes in precipitation, summer and autumn rainfall accounted for 80% of only 20% in winter and spring, large differences in annual precipitation, annual precipitation over at least 900 mm below, in some areas up to 2000 mm precipitation.
Meteorological disasters in the city's low temperature, drought, flood-based. Low against the greatest impact at low temperature in spring, can cause freezing of wheat flower, rice bad kind of Lan Yang; dry in spring early, mainly summer drought, severe drought, the part of the local drinking water problems have occurred; by topographic effects, Leshan is the rain of multiple areas, rainfall intensity and large, Emeishan City 93 Sept. 29 up to 525 mm rainfall, the province of the most creative, plus it is the confluence of three rivers, floods affected more

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