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Chengdu China Youth Travel Service Headquarters official website, provide the latest travel Sichuan Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha tour, bus tour Leshan Mount Emei, Emei conference tourism, Emei Mountain Weather, Mount Emei line, Emei quotes, Emei Mountain Tourist Guide, Emeishan Hotel reservations, car rental Mount Emei , Mount Emei prices

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Traditional Emei Shi Jing

Mount Emei Scenic - Traditional Emei Shi Jing 【treasure is great - baoguosi】 【Luofeng Qing-yun - kidding】 【Shuangqiaoshan voiceless - Qingyin Pavilion】
【Hung Chun Xiao Yu - Hong Chunping】 【like pool night moon, bringing - Xixiang Chi】 【White autumn - Temple】 years
【Golden Summit Yoshimitsu - Golden Summit】 【9 angel House - Guro-dong】 【】 【Lingyan Daping s Future Emerald】
Treasure is great - baoguosi
Baoguosi Emei is located in the foothills, is Yamashita's first temples, Emei's portal into the mountains, Emei Mountain Buddhist activities in the center as well as tourists traveling up the mountain (FIT near the bus station on Temple in the newspaper), or climb the mountain must go through between. Temple left the newspaper, there are about two mountain road up the mountain. Left lane after kidding, Qingyin Pavilion and other direct to the Gold full 64 km; the right line up by the Temple of the Golden Roof of years. Temple built in Ming Pao Chong Wanli, eight for the whole mountain is one famous temple, the temple dedicated to the main hall of the original Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, which have name "will be cases in court," there are "three churches were" meant. Qing Emperor Kangxi take Buddhism, "Grace to serve the country," Italy, renamed baoguosi. Terakado sit west to east, mountain alone in front of a pair of stone carved by the Department of the Ming Dynasty, gate on the "baoguosi" plaque by the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi Yubi title. Bensi was the "three churches were" the land, the door has some sort of joint language can still see the Taoist flavor, such as the "independent thinking Yu Road, deposited from said through." The whole temple covers an area of nearly 40000 square meters, large-scale. A total of four halls were built in behalf of the Tongzhi years, front to back, respectively, Maitreya Hall, Daewungjeon, seven Buddha, Buddhist scriptures floor. Building on the mountain, one level higher, with typical Sichuan style courtyard houses. Terakado is on a small hill there is a bronze bell cast in the Ming Dynasty lotus, "Emei Ten Scenes" one of the "treasure is great" refers to the bell. The clock of 2.8 meters, 2.4 meters in diameter, weighing 12500 kilograms, known as "Tianfu Wang Chung." Bell cast body has 61600 words, the "Agama" and other Foji, Ming, Shu, and Jin and Tang emperors and monks since the name taboo.
Emeishan baoguosi
Emei treasure is great
Lufeng Qing-yun - kidding
Kidding in baoguosi side about 1 km away, the temple deep in the dense jungle, "crouching tiger hidden jungle" full of mystery. Due to the unique environment, engage in during the 1935 war with Japan, Chiang Kai-shek held in Emei school class military training team will be located here. The following year, in order to avoid Japanese aircraft bombed, Sichuan University, Faculty of Arts and Law has moved here. Kidding undulating hills, Temple Written by cedar, cypress and Machilus up more than 10 plants, a clear summer shade, it is clear God muscles cool. Is particularly strange is that, although the towering temple Goosen several temples covered roof has not seen a year-round leaves, the title of Emperor Kangxi, who bestowed "Li Gou Park." The reasons for the formation of this rare scene, the terrain is said to be specific --- Temple Hill A home among the mighty mountain, natural roof of leaves removed. Many attractions worth visiting the temple. Stand outside the main hall there Kegon pagoda pavilion, booth seat as high as 5.8 meters with copper pagoda. According to statistics, more than 4700 tower casting a Buddha respect, and the "Flower Adornment Sutra," 195048 words. Temple Written by the fountain with Cyathea tree, also known as Emei tree ferns, is now more than 170 million years ago and the dinosaurs at the same time the plant has one of only several.
Emeishan kidding
Shuangqiaoshan voiceless - Qingyin Pavilion
From Hong Chunping Gap down through clouds along the clean running, the pack of a typical limestone area of the river gorge scenery. To Qingyin Pavilion ago, visitors have to pass through "thin strip of sky." With the Northern Rock collapse, many scenic spots formed by the "Line-Sky" different, Baiyun Gap "Line-Sky" formed by the water dissolution of limestone canyon is the location of the Lower Permian about 220 million years ago before 9) to form The limestone rock is deep as the narrow little valley. Gap Road, only one can pass this is a good place to take a photo. "Line-Sky" and the nearby streams, water quality very clean, little bit rock seminars spread in water, sparkling, extremely charming. Back when Sun Simiao Medicine King River between the wash rice in the meal. Qingyin Pavilion is located in the two river systems --- Emeishan convergence between Heilongjiang and Bailongjiang. Main flows through the rock area in Heilongjiang Wu, color depth Pitt; Bailongjiang mainly flows through the limestone areas, color jade. The confluence of two rivers just have a mushroom-type morphology of bovine heart-shaped basalt stone exotic beef heart, and the golden dome camera body Cliff's Jinyang in quite a different mouth, during which the truth is also fascinating. Qingyin Pavilion to the transport hub when the Emei Mountain, the Golden Summit via Hong Chunping, etc. So, the left line to the years via Bailongdong Temple, Temple of the right line up in the peaks, springs, etc. Yuye. Night sky conditions are better here, in addition to several temples, the nearby hostel a lot of farmers.
Emeishan Qingyin Pavilion
Hung Chun-Xiao Yu - Hong Chunping
Sianfong Temple and Hong Chunping about 15 km away, through the whole mountain was to be one of the three steep "99 Shui." The local altitude of about 1120 m, abundant sunshine, soil moisture, natural plant kingdom. Hong Chunping characterized by lush vegetation everywhere the green Yelian Yun, Cuise like the sea. Spring and summer morning, fog filled the air, sticks quinoline as washing, heady, named "Hung Chun Xiao Yu." For "Emei Ten Scenes" one. Hung Chun is a longevity Goosen, now you can see in the Temple Written slopes.
Emei Shan Shui 99
As the pool night moon, bringing - Xixiang Chi
Xixiang Chi mountain circled from the time when clouds, trees line both sides, sometimes monkeys out to people obtain food, visitors line to the meantime, there are often surprises. Lei Dongping to Xixiang Chi junction between the monkeys often teams come and go, Laohou home front, neither overbearing nor servile attitude of the tourists passing through this stretch of road is best to prepare food and Zhu Zhang (a red heart, hands ready). Blood pool to wash the unique temple side of the mountain, overlooking the deep valleys on three sides, floating among the clouds often guarantee. 2070 meters above sea level here, is an excellent full moon resort. Temple names derived from a Buddhist legend, the legend had Samantabhadra Kap Shui bathing pool here, riding the elephant.
Emeishan Xixiang Chi
White autumn - years Temple
Years temple was built in Shanxi, formerly known as Fukenji; Tang renamed the White Monastery; Song Dynasty it was renamed White Fukenji. Twenty-nine-year Ming Dynasty (1601 AD), Emperor Shenzong 70 birthday congratulations to the Queen Mother, Ci Ming Temple for the Shengshou years. Temple construction after the storm mostly damaged after the reconstruction, the only temple-free beam high brick house (built 1601 AD) still surviving. Imitation brick house for the domed roof of the Indian temple form, following a square hall, coincide "Cerebra" was intended. The whole house with a brick, whole body no beam, vault force entirely. 400 years ago, after earthquake of magnitude 5-7.9 times, so far without let-loss fiber, known as the miracle of ancient Chinese architectural history. Roof tiles hall is decorated with flying caisson design; hall for the ring around the shrines, dedicated to small Tiefo 307. Samantabhadra riding like a house of worship of the statue, as AD 980 by Master Feng Zhao Mao really cast in Chengdu into its time-consuming gold 3200. Well-proportioned statue, caster well for the country-level cultural relics. Thousand years ago, this respect for the 62-ton bronze statue cast into the following, depends on what tools and techniques means of shipment transported to the mountain place, it is very difficult to understand.
Years Temple
Temple Mount Emei years
Temple Mount Emei years

Golden Summit Yoshimitsu - Emei Golden Summit
Emei Golden Summit, elevation 3077 m, is the end of Emei Mountain Tour, 15 km upstream from the Xixiang Chi, after the longest final in a golden dome board has more than 2380 stone steps of the risk of slope - Qili slope, through the Jieyin Dian that to. Tourists can travel to the Lei Dongping, walk to the ropeway cable car or sitting on the golden dome. Years may also travel to Temple by ropeway cable car on the Golden Summit. Golden Summit's most famous victory was Jinding four odd: sunrise, clouds, the Buddha, shengdeng. Emei Mountain wonders of the golden dome is the most concentrated, and is the most complete tourist reception facilities in place. Hua Zang towering in the roof and the adjacent office is a style of pragmatic Gaun Temple.
Emei Golden Summit

9 angel Government - Guro-dong
Since Xixiang Chi drill days to nine ridge slope that, in this visitors can choose a different route down the mountain: a left-line, by Huayan top, first house to the Temple of years down the road is close; another right line, after the event Sin Temple, Xianfeng Temple (Guro-dong), Hong Chunping, Monkey Hill, thin strip of sky, Qingyin Pavilion, down from Qingyin Pavilion, or again from Qingyin Pavilion by Bailongdong, down to the years after the temple visit, attractions more long distance. Sianfong Temple is one of Emei eight Temple, room and board is better, the environment is very beautiful, visitors can stay here, rest, and then uphill or downhill. Buddhist temple is also one of the elements can be a tourist, when dawn and dusk, exhausted clock went off everywhere, Beige high publicity and fun. Sianfong Temple Written also sen Wong Toi, is watching the mountains ring stand, changing the landscape of tobacco to the best place. Surrounded by rolling hills, magnificent scenery. Sihou immortal peak altitude of 1750 meters of rock for the giant limestone mountains. Here is a typical dolomite Emeishan distribution, side of the famous cave temple --- Guro-dong. Guro-dong is the largest mountain cave full, full length of 1500 meters, the hole and the bottom with 84 meters height difference. In three parts: the first section of the hall and corridor-type caves, visitors can walk upright, about 120 meters; the middle of the mesh cross the labyrinth cave, about 160 meters, visitors should not be deep; lower part cracked cave difficult place to go. Guro-dong was named after the British days, any day, Tianzhu, day centers, day birds, Tian-fu, Tin Chong, days Rui, canopy "nine old" legend on Cultivation in the cave. Plastic repair of the cave now has a statue of the God of Wealth Zhao Gongming, count this, maybe that was 10 old. Guro-dong to legend, and features a unique magic to attract a large number of visitors, but visitors must be careful action, pay attention to safety.
Emei Guro-dong

Da-Ji Xue
To Daping mainly after viewing the scenery of snow. Taping View snow and snow boarding Jinding quite different view. View of snow was on the Golden Roof top of the peak, lean on a railing without visions, facing "a thousand miles of snow Minshan"; and Taping View snow peaks in the cyclization of the Koho standing above the flat top, look around the walls of peaks of the " Red dressed in white, "Long air out of the worlds of light. Taping include the elevation of 880-1450 meters of the valley a few scattered high and low plateau, an area of approximately 1000 acres. Peaks around the ring together, the right is the top Huayan, Luotuo Ling, Ling Peaks heart rate; the left Tianchi peak, Po palm peak foot of the mountain, Huang Feng, cap. Bovine heart Ling Chen in the former, nine out after the old peak. Surrounded by steep, as "an ancient Huashan Road," that only the "monkey of the slope" and "snake back," Bird Road, leading to the flat line of the high ridge, is "infinite beauty in the dangerous mountain peak." Tan Zhongyue explore the beautiful victory at current route, 10000 from the edge of the bridge in the Baiyun Gap's board to a total of 5383 steps away is the "step careful."
Emei Shan Snow

Lingyan Emerald
Takahashi Lingyansi site is located on the left, 5 km southwest from the newspaper Temple, transfer to the charge of the Indian monk Bao Jie Mao Department. Created between the Sui and Tang. Protect the country has been renamed the Light Temple, will be Temple. Hongwu and Yongle reconstruction, still were Lingyan.
Ming is Lingyansi heyday, thousands of monks. From the gate to the rear more than ten li. The grand scale, the number of monks, incense the strong, a leading temples in Mount Emei, and therefore, "burning incense to ride" view. Temple words overlap, jungle set off, showing layers of Xiongzhi Lingyan spectacular, "Lingyan Emerald" has become the Emei Shi Jing wins. Temple after soldiers suffer from hot and back to Paul, to the 20th century have been destroyed 60 years collapse. The "Yeongam Emerald" natural beauty has remained the same, to Lingyan, see Emerald, there are still "young love endless imitation Tsui copy" feel.
Emeishan Lingyan Emerald

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